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Create motor car ads online

Whether you publish a newspaper or are an independent publisher, an auto magazine can provide you with a rich stream of additional revenue. It let's you extend your reach beyond print ads and offer something more to the readers in your area.

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Ad design and manager

EzAdsPro lets you create and manage motor ads with one easy-to-use interface. You only have to update a vehicle's details once, and it's details will update across all your print design, plus all your connected ads in Facebook, Twitter or on your website.

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Automated Feeds

The EZAdsPro Advertising Platform is feed-driven inventory management. And, if you don’t have a feed, we have an app for that! Our iPhone data collection app will allow you to simply scan the VIN number of any vehicle and it’ll be automatically entered into the system.

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Complete print and mobile solution

EzAdsPro let's you add SMS and QR codes to your online and print listings so you can track leads and results. We’ll also provide you with detailed reports and leads, so you can prove your advertiser’s ROI. You can also add a motor search portal to your Facebook page or website too.

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Founded in 1999, Drag and Drop helps publishers worldwide produce print and digital advertising. Our services include both cloud based software and outsourced staffing services that save our clients time and money.


Our EzADsPro platform lets you build property and motor car ads online. LocalPrices helps local merchants share their latest offers online. And RabbitActive lets you build interactive ads for online campaigns.


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