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Boost local ad sales

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If you're a publisher, media company, or shopping center looking to expand your range of merchant ad services then look closely at LocalPrices. LocalPrices helps you build a strong and profitable ad network by providing a simple, convenient way for advertisers to broadcast their latest offers and specials instantly.

Publish merchant offers quickly

Local merchants are busy and under pressure. They can’t always predict what they might need to sell, make or cook on a given day. Sometimes customers return product or even cancel appointments that need to be filled again quickly. Many merchants also deal with perishable goods that must be sold by days end. LocalPrices gives these merchants an opportunity to promote and sell their goods and services fast.

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Easy self service solution

The LocalPrices app lets merchants create an offer in minutes with a photo, heading and description plus start and stop time details. They can then book and pay for the offer directly from their mobile phone. Plus unlike a lot of coupon and group buying sites, the merchant gets the money upfront and keeps everything but the small cost of the ad.

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Great for shoppers too!

Using the same mobile app shoppers can quickly browse and share the latest offers plus accumulate reward points as they come back again and again. LOCALprices also reduces the hoops shoppers must jump through to make a purchase, with no minimum group purchase, no waiting period, no coupons or codes to scan. Remember the good old days when you could just walk in and make a purchase!

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Get back into the game!

LOCALprices helps newspapers reclaim revenue lost to coupon, deal and group buying sites and puts more money back into the pockets of merchants. By solving their time critical problems in an inexpensive way newspapers will build a strong and loyal community of merchants.

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For further details on our LocalPrices ad platform contact us or get a demo.


Founded in 1999, Drag and Drop helps publishers worldwide produce print and digital advertising. Our services include both cloud based software and outsourced staffing services that save our clients time and money.


Our EzADsPro platform lets you build property and motor car ads online. LocalPrices helps local merchants share their latest offers online. And RabbitActive lets you build interactive ads for online campaigns.


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