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Interactive Profiles!

Rabbit interactive Profiles are a beautiful doorway your audience will want to enter. Each profile tells people (1) Who you are (2) How to contact you (3) and what you provide. Each profile can also include links to store pages, subscription and message forms too. Try this example now.

Control the Opportunity

Websites are normally focused on an organisation. A digital profile focuses on your employee, agent or representative: who they are, what they do, and how to contact them. It's a beautiful doorway for prospective clients.

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Control for Everyone

Each Digital Profile serves as an important contact point for prospective clients and customers, with information that can be updated globally. And because Digital Profiles will always have the latest information, your own people will be up to date too.

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For further details on our full range of interactive products contact us below.


Founded in 1999, Drag and Drop helps publishers worldwide produce print and digital advertising. Our services include both cloud based software and outsourced staffing services that save our clients time and money.


Our EzADsPro platform lets you build property and motor car ads online. LocalPrices helps local merchants share their latest offers online. And RabbitActive lets you build interactive ads for online campaigns.


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